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About Efarm

Efarmnetwork is an agro digital network investment platform with farm story game. Powered by Agrofarm Investment Enterprise in partnership with G-Cybertech ® 2453653.

This is a powerful investment digital farming system and farm story gaming with earning opportunity for anyone who is interested in investing into farm story gaming system.

You could earn up to %25 returns including 15% ROI monthly and a continuous 10% bonus earning on investor recruitment. We have 2 options for you to be part of Efarmnetwork project as follows:

1You can invest safely with us to earn profit monthly while you play and enjoy our farm story game. Click here to see our investment plan prices with returns.

2You can also leverage on our affiliate network system to earn up to 10% bonus per referral (Optional). Or download our game for FREE and enjoy.

Latest Products

Directly from the farm, freshly grown for our clients.

Investor Returns Com/Bonus
Trial - ₦1000 15% Monthly 5% Extra Ref Bonus
Small - ₦10000 15% Monthly 10% Extra Ref Bonus
Medium - ₦30000 15% Monthly 10% Extra Ref Bonus
Large - ₦50000 15% Monthly 10% Extra Ref Bonus
Smart - ₦100000 15% Monthly 10% Extra Ref Bonus


Invest safely with us on Efarmnetwork & earn good returns while playing farm story game; Earn up to 25% returns including 10% referral bonus.

Here is a smart way to earn up to 25% ROI with our networks opportunity. We make money when you play our farm story game, including our farm investment and we share profit with you as an investor. Read Frequest Asked Questions and join us as soon as possible.


To register, you will need to get your prefered investment plan voucher code through any of our admin. This voucher code will enable you to register on the platform before you can participate. Once you register, you can then login to your account daily to earn profit while you play game if you wish. Note that its important for you to login to your account daily as an investor in order to earn and avoid losing profit. Click here to get a voucher code from admin.

You earn daily profit as you login to your account. You can cash out at anytime you wish and your money will be credited to your bank account the following Friday or the last the of the month. Note that you will be charge N100 for bank transfer fee anytime you raise cashout, so to avoid you losing your profit with N100 transaction fee, you can chose to raise cashout when necessary and when you have accumulated more money in your available balance.

You can scroll down to click the game link via the playstore button below or you can search for Efarmnetwork Farm Story on Playstore. Our Farm Story is an online base launching game. This means your device must be connected to internet before you can launch the game. However, you can play it offline by turning off your data when playing. Launching the game app using internet enable us to track your activities and performance to aid more extra bonus for you as an investor.

No, not at all. As an investor, you are entitle to your investment capital with 15% profit monthly depending on your investment plan. You can withdraw and cahsout your profit at anytime. However, if you decide to earn more extra, we will pay you 10% bonus of new investors you recruit to join Efarmnetwork. We want the earning opportunity to be spread and grow in a network, hence we need more investors to share our product with.

Absolutely. You can chose to upgrade or downgrade your investment plan at any time you wish. You just need to purchase the voucher code you wish to upgrade to and use it to change your plan. Note that anytime you upgrade or downgrade, your current investment plan will then cancel.

Please also read our terms of service before you invest.

Our Game

Our game App looks great on any device! Download it today and enjoy while you also earn money with us daily up to 25% ROI. Investors are welcome:

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